I compose and produce music.

Songwriting and Composing

I’ve been active in the music scene my entire life and music means everything to me. Music has been my way to express thoughts and feelings.

When I was young I was classically trained as a vocalist, but playing really loud music really caught my attention and changed my direction. As a teenager I played in punk rock bands. I loved jamming in various genres with friends.

I am a founding member of Vancouver bands Cinderpop (A Murder of Crows, Twitch) and Portico. I have played in other projects as a session player and played with some other insignificant bands.

MALLSEX is my latest band which I’m proud of. PostPunk music has always been near and dear to me. I love all types of music and art that are authentic. I tend to enjoy the darker/less mainstream side of art. My songwriting partner (Sean Kenny) and I wanted to create a bombastic post-punk band that used traditional songwriting practices. It’s been an great journey combining different genres and creating something original.

Upon releasing our first album Discreet Services, MALLSEX was on the campus charts across Canada and parts of the US for five months straight (top 10 and top 30 on many stations). We have been featured on many blogs and compilations. A new MALLSEX album is completed and on the way! It will be coming out on October 31, 2019 and is called “Live in Reverse”.

I have a solo project called Teléfon and I was signed to Substream/Mareld in Sweden in 2013. As a producer and multi-instrumentalist, I play and record every instrument in the project. I’m changing direction a bit and will take over vocal duties on occasion. While I have no immediate plans for an album anytime soon, I will be releasing a single along with a video.

I produce all of my projects. Everything from designing artwork, video, Songwriting, Recording and Mastering. 

My songs can be licensed through my publisher. If you are looking for songs to license for your film or TV show, I have an extensive library. Please email music@swarrt.com for more info.

If you have a need for a score, please email score@swarrt.com. I would be thrilled to work with you.

I plan on featuring music, various information and video here. Please keep your eyes open for that! For the time being, please check out the links below which feature a lot of music!


All songs written, produced and performed by MALLSEX ©Ⓟ 2018


All songs written, produced and performed by Teléfon ©Ⓟ 2018

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